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Private Hire  - 6 High Street, Rye

The Devil in Rye restaurant is available for catering events and private hire 
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Trio of vegetarian street food  £6.50
Crisp semolina  pastry shell, spiced potato chickpea dumpling steamed vermicelli cake and assorted  chutney’s. 

Seafood mixed entée   £9.50
Charmoula prawn, dosai, wild salmon caviaar, squid, soft shell crab. served with home-made assorted chutney.

Crab Cake Salade Composé  £6.50
Lime crab cake with rucolla radish red onion salad. 

Moroccan Mixed platter     £ 6.50

Confit of carrot, zalouk of eggplant, lentil hamousse & briwat filled pastry.

Kids plate     veg or non veg     £ 7.00

Macaroni cheese & mince plus vegetables


Tender Chicken Biriyani  £16.00
South Indian style aromatic sauce with basmati rice and tender chicken.

Chicken Tagine with pickle lemons   £ 16.00

Moroccan style chicken thigh tagine with kalamati olives, caramelised onions & sultanas.  

Kerala style British beef    £ 18.00
Saffron velouté sauce and fried rice with roasted vegetables.

Tagine of roasted Seabass   £ 18.00

Subte marinated seabass served with roasted pototoes with charmoula with onion & coriander.

Goat shank Tagine Berbere    £ 19.00

Slow cooked tender local goat shank  with farm vegetables and roasted potatoes.

Belly of British free-range pork £ 18.00

Slow cooked caramelised pork belly with carrot potato stoemp with a subtle tomato ginger sauce.

Vegetarian Tagine     £ 15.00
Stir fried seasonal vegetables, mung lentil, grilled halloumi or tofu


Rose & vanilla Crème Brûlée   £  5.50

Home made fruit Bakhlava   £  5.50

Mango Kulfi & Belgian fondant chocolate    £ 5.50


Lemon Bavarois     £ 5.50

Chocolate Tart with Vanilla ice cream   £ 5.50

Fresh Mint tea     £ 3.50

Herb tea / thezane       £ 3.50

Allergen Advice. Please read before ordering.

When the dish directly contains an allergen, it is listed on our menu. All our dishes may contain traces of celery, gluten, crustaceans, eggs, fish, lupin, milk, mollusks, mustard, nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, soya and Sulphur dioxide. 

Due to the large number of products that we use and the rate of change of allergen traces found in these products it is not possible to specify which products contain traces of allergens as they are constantly being updated without notice. Therefore, please be aware that it is possible that any dish could contain traces of all allergens.

We serve complimentary courses that you may not order between courses. Please be aware that the pre-dessert granita contains milk. The pre-starters change daily and may directly contain any of the allergens.

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